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The election period has Closed.

The election period has closed. Those who did not submit the form will be transferred to next year.

Important information for Mobile Users!!!

Please note that this form may not be compatible with mobile devices. If you do not see the form below or have difficulties submitting your form please try using the "Request Desktop Site" option or if you continue to have issue please use a computer to make your submissions. 

We would like to thank you again for registering for Megaplex 2020 and are heartbroken that we are not able to continue as planned. We hope that we will be able to see you in 2021 and that you are willing to either donate your registration fee for this year or transfer your registration to next year.

How does donating my registration help?

Florida United Furry Fandom Inc. is a 501c3 Public Charity and survives entirely off of the registration of our attendees, at event merchandise sales and donations of both time and equipment from the members of our community. The board of directors does not receive any compensation for their time nor have they ever. All of that being said. there are operating expenses that we have to pay, regardless of if the years con occurs, as well as booking and bank fees (even on the registrations refunded), materials, equipment, and services. While we are able to use the equipment and materials next year we still have had considerable expenses this year. Your donation assists us in covering those expenses and helps to ensure that next year can be bigger and better than ever. It will also increase the possibility that we can still help our charity, C.A.R.E. , while they to weather this difficult time. 

Attention Dealers!!! After reviewing how quickly dealers registration filled up this year and the suggestions made by various dealers we have decided to move to a "Juried Selection" model. Those dealers that elect to Donate (if they apply for a slot next year during the initial application period) will be guaranteed to be in the dealers room.

But, I don't think I can donate my registration this year. How about moving it to next year?

We fully understand and will gladly move your registration to next year and can't wait to see you there! Registrations that are moved forward to next year help us cover early expenses for next years event.  

Attention Dealers!!! As previously mentioned Megaplex will be moving to a "Juried Selection" model for its dealers room selection. Those dealers that elect to Donate or Transfer their registration to next year will be guaranteed to be in the dealers room.

Is Megaplex going to have an online convention instead?

This is something we are certainly looking into. If we are able to put it together those who elected to donate or transfer their registration over to the following year will receive free attendance to the online event. If you were a dealer and you choose to donate or transfer your table registration you will be given an option to participate in the event as a dealer/artist.

I'm sorry but I really need to ask for a refund.

Whatever your reason we completely understand and are offering a full refund. Those whose payments were made within 50 days of submitting this form will be processed in the order they are received. Please understand that though we are offering a full refund we will still have to pay a fee on your registration which depending on your level could range from $3 to more than $30 so we hope you would consider at least transferring your registration. For those that were awarded slots in our posters please be aware that most of this year’s art has already been completed and if you request a refund your character may be used next year but we will NOT be providing you a digital or physical copy of the poster if you request a refund. We are working out the details with our Credit/Debit processor to be able to refund charges made outside of their normal refund window. As soon we have a solution to process those refunds we will begin doing so as well. We ask that those wanting a refund DO NOT issue a charge back on the payment as this ends up hurting the reputation with credit vendors as well as causes significant fees to us. Those who do issue a charge back through their credit/debit provider may be restricted from attending future events until such time as they have reimbursed us for the related damages.

But I really need my refund right away.

We understand the hardship that many are facing right now and fully sympathize. Please mark that in your response and we will do our best to process it as soon as we can.  

What happens with people who were awarded Megaplex poster slots?

Those that choose to Donate or Transfer their registration will continue to be featured in our posters next year and will have the choice of a physical or digital copy of their poster. Those who choose to receive a Refund may still be featured in next years posters as some of the art as already been completed but they will not be eligible to receive a copy of the art (digital or physical). 

Registration Election Request Form

The election period has closed. Those who did not submit the form will be transferred to next year.

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