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Important information for Mobile Users!!!

Please note that this form may not be compatible with mobile devices. If you do not see the form below or have difficulties submitting your form please try using the "Request Desktop Site" option or if you continue to have issue please use a computer to make your submissions. 

Welcome to the Megaplex DJ Application process. We’re very happy to have you here as we look forward to offering our guests an outstanding lineup of dance events. To that end, it’s important to remember that we consider many factors when scheduling DJs. We are looking for technical ability, savvy programming, flexibility in the room, positive attitudes and team players who support each other. Professionalism counts.

Megaplex is committed to showcasing a diverse line-up of DJs and styles and we are seeking skilled DJs/performers who are able to produce/perform a wide range of musical genres for this year’s dance events.  In order to ensure a more lineup that complements this years theme, we have created a plan for the formats we would like to fill. We are seeking DJs who can provide 60-120 minute sets in one or more of the following formats:

  1. Standard EDM
  2. Old Skool/Rap/Funk
  3. Rock Dance
  4. Synth Wave
  5. 80s Top 40
  6. Freestyle/Latin
  7. Acid/House
  8. Other formats (Electro Swing, Punk, Metal, Country, Salsa, and more) will also be considered.

We understand the hard work, dedication, and expenses that come with being a DJ and as such we comp the registration of our selected DJs.

Applicants will be considered for and are expected to be available on any of the four nights we hold dance events. If you are offered a night or time when you cannot be in attendance, we will attempt to match you with a slot that works for you, but please understand that may not always be possible.

DJ Requests have Closed for 2022.

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