Thank you for showing interest in being a staff member for Megaplex. Please note that the staff role is volunteer and as such does not receive any financial compensation. Additionally we can only accept applications from those who are or will be 18+ years of age 3 days prior to the start of the convention. Those interested in assisting at Megaplex but do not want to guarantee a time commitment should do so under the Volunteer role. 

Please note that we use the Telegram Messenger app for interviews. Please make sure that you have this app, have an @ name set and check it regularly. 

What is expected of staff?

While staff are technically volunteers they are held at a higher regard and level of trust than our standard Volunteer level and as such are expected to meet/exceed the associated minimums associated to their department.

Convention Artists are expected to do the majority of their work prior to the convention and will be required to meet strict deadlines set by the Art department Lead. Convention Artists are expected to meet a minimum number of pieces in varying sizes but may be asked to work on special projects in lue of the other pieces. If selected as a Convention Artist a more detailed agreement will be presented better defining expectations and Deadlines.

General Staff are expected to put in a minimum of 6 hours each day at the convention and are normally dedicated to a specific task/area.

Leads/Assistant Leads are expected to put in a minimum of 6 hours per day but must be available at all times during the convention in case of issue or emergency. Additionally Leads and Assistant Leads are expected to complete Pre-convention planning and year round customer support for any emails/requests their department may receive.

What does staff receive?

No staff receive compensation for time volunteered in service of the convention or its parent company Florida United Furry Fandom, Inc. which includes the Board of Directors and Convention Chairman. However, staff receive free entry to the convention, access to the hospitality suite, a staff shirt, any special gifts we come up with for staff, access to purchase staff only merchandise, and our gratitude. We couldn't put on the convention without the hard work of our staff and volunteers. Additionally staff receive access to the staff room block while rooms are available.

Convention Artists receive priority access to book a Dealer's Den slot or a guaranteed full weekend Artist Alley slot (only available to our Convention Artists) depending on availability. 

Apply for Staff:

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